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Monday March 19

offering to guarantee someone's rent could mean you're locked in for life

A boss offers to guarantee her nanny’s rent but there is a problem – the legalese locks her in forever.Read More

Sunday March 18

can we keep a dog in a ground-floor garden flat?

My mother-in-law says we won’t be able to live in a flat with a dog, as landlords do not allowRead More

Sunday March 18

holiday flats from £52k in one of Europe's newest sovereign states

Billions are being invested in this lovely Eastern European country with its stunning coastline, but a holiday flat need onlyRead More

Saturday March 17

Zoopla’s most popular homes for sale cost from £205k to £50M

The most popular home for sale in the UK at the moment according to one leading property website is aRead More

Saturday March 17

Cherie Blair is raking in £200,000 a year from her property empire

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: The burgeoning buy-to-let property empire, co-owned by Cherie and her son Euan, is flourishing, despite the downturn inRead More

Saturday March 17

new BBC series of the World's Most Extraordinary Homes takes viewers to Japan, Switzerland and Portugal

Glass is the central theme running through the extraordinary homes uncovered by Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin as part ofRead More

Saturday March 17

record £1bn in Help to Buy London loans handed to first-time buyers

Buyers taking advantage of the Government’s subsidised Help to Buy London scheme have bought more than half of new homesRead More

Friday March 16

Sarah Beeny picks a two-bed London flat as bargain of the month 

Years of house price inflation mean that a nice two-bedroom flat for £400,000 can be a good deal in London,Read More

Friday March 16

Zone 2 homes in south London with shares from £100,000

Close to Oval, Elephant and Castle and Vauxhall, these flats for sale in shared ownership schemes are aimed at first-timeRead More

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