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Monday February 19

landlords risk getting caught out by the latest regulations

When the accidental landlord attends a training course, she’s surprised to learn she should be teaching tenants how to operateRead More

Sunday February 18

who should pay for our buyer's new boiler?

We’ve received a letter from our buyer asking us to cover the cost of her new boiler. What should weRead More

Saturday February 17

Are vermin sharing your house?

Vermin in the House of Lords?As Parliament prepares for a major refurbishment it seems their ermine-clad Lordships have had toRead More

Saturday February 17

Cambridge and Orkney see the biggest average price growth across the UK

New figures reveal the districts where house price growth outperformed the rest of the UK last year. Powered by WPeMatico

Saturday February 17

Dorking property guide with house prices, journey time to London, best schools and more

This market town in the lush Surrey Hills is number 1 in our chart of the 20 best-value London commuterRead More

Friday February 16

why homeowners in these boroughs are seeing the biggest price rises in the capital

South West London may scooped the top spot in 2017, but east London still dominates the top five list ofRead More

Friday February 16

from coffee cups to plastic bags, London's recycling must improve. This is how it can be done

London’s recycling rates are shameful, and bewildering rules and regulations confuse would-be recyclers further still. Powered by WPeMatico

Friday February 16

Zone 3 first-time buyer homes in 'real' East End of London outpost

Cash is now pouring into East Ham with new first-time buyer and rental homes, shops and cafés — but itsRead More

Thursday February 15

Britons willing to buy a home with a complete stranger

The level of desperation among 18 to 40 year olds clambering to buy their own home emerged as 4 perRead More

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UK Estate Agents

WHAT DO BUYING AGENTS DO? Buying agents differ from estate agents in that we act for the buyer alone. OurRead More

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CAN YOU FIND ME A PROPERTY? Yes, we find all our clients properties if their property requirements fall under ourRead More

Private UK Property Market

HOW DO YOU GAIN ACCESS TO THE PRIVATE MARKET? Over many years we have built up excellent personal relationships withRead More

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HOW MUCH MONEY CAN BUYING AGENTS SAVE ME? It wholly depends on the circumstances; we can save you anything fromRead More

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