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We don’t sell propertyWe advise buyers of prime residentialWe are your unfair advantage.

We don’t sell property

We don’t sell property, we aren’t estate agents. We are an independent partnership and not associated to any selling agents. We have been leading the buyer’s adviser business for over 30 years. Our skill is to be able to empathise with you and interpret your individual needs. We get out there, seeing more properties and asking more questions than anyone else; if it exists, we will not only find the property that hits the mark but also help you secure it. We provide impartial advice into every aspect of purchasing all types of property through three offices, covering all locations in the south of England.

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We advise buyers of prime residential

We advise buyers of prime residential property in London and the country. It’s all we have done for more than 30 years. Our skill is to be able to empathise with our clients and interpret their individual needs, to take it personally and to deliver a service that both surprises and delights. Whether you are looking for a home, an investment, business, sport or legacy – we can help.

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We are your unfair advantage.

We see more, hear more and know more than anyone else about the properties on the market, but more importantly the ones that never come to the open market. If you’ve seen it on the web then so has everyone else and it’s probably too late. Our unique ability to use our contacts to access properties that have yet to come to the market allows us to get our clients to the front of the line, every time.

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Latest UK Property News and Information

Tuesday May 16

Prestwich is going upmarket and so are the property prices

A dozen new bars, restaurants, and cafes on the main Bury New Road are taking the once tired-looking centre rapidlyRead More

Monday May 15

UK election dampens outlook for house prices – RICS

British property surveyors are their most downbeat about the short-term outlook for house prices since just after last year’s BrexitRead More

Monday May 15

Property market learns from transformative crash

London was the region with the second slowest house price growth in England and Wales last month, a survey outRead More

Sunday May 14

UK House prices: can you still make money by jumping on Crossrail?

Crossrail has turned many of us into train spotters. Who would have thought that the state-of-the-art trains being introduced thisRead More

Sunday May 14

The UK housing market is drying up

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) just issued a pretty downbeat report on the UK residential property market. Every month,Read More

Saturday May 13

London Tower Hamlets Property Prices Falling

House prices in Tower Hamlets have fallen faster than anywhere else in England over the last year, according to theRead More

Saturday May 13

The falls in central London’s luxury property prices could make housing even less affordable

All the signs point to a slow-down in the London property market. Central London house prices dropped by 6.8 perRead More

Saturday May 13

London rents fall sharply as monthly bill drops across UK

Lettings agents say new tenants in capital are paying £100 per month less than a year ago, with demand fromRead More

Saturday May 13

UK house prices fall again, growing at the slowest rate in four years

British house prices fell for a second month in a row in April, suggesting households are feeling the pinch fromRead More

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WHAT DO BUYING AGENTS DO? Buying agents differ from estate agents in that we act for the buyer alone. OurRead More

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CAN YOU FIND ME A PROPERTY? Yes, we find all our clients properties if their property requirements fall under ourRead More

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HOW DO YOU GAIN ACCESS TO THE PRIVATE MARKET? Over many years we have built up excellent personal relationships withRead More

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