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Friday August 18

Melbourne house sells for over $1m with strange feature

A sprawling four-bedroom Melbourne home clogged with features, including a large entertaining area and solar-heated pool, sold for over $1Read More

Friday August 18

Gartenart outlines the benefits of a natural swimming pool

There are many misconceptions about natural swimming pools, but nature-lovers are embracing them as a chemical-free alternative providing a waterRead More

Friday July 21

UK house prices rise nearly 5% despite political turmoil

Growth in UK house prices has slowed but remains close to 5%, with faster growth seen outside London, according to officialRead More

Tuesday July 18

No let-up in falling London house prices, say chartered surveyors

There has been “no real easing” in the pace of decline of London house prices, a survey has suggested, with 45 perRead More

Sunday July 9

Revealed: How your house earns more than you do

Wages are stagnant, inflation is starting to jump and the trains don’t work, as usual. Consumers are feeling the pinchRead More

Sunday July 9

‘One in ten’ new-build homes is being bought by overseas investors and left empty, claims leading property buyer

One in ten new-build homes is being bought by overseas investors who leave them empty, it has been suggested byRead More

Sunday July 9

Why a 2008 ‘Armageddon’ isn’t on the cards for UK property

Real estate companies in the UK are unlikely to plummet in the same style as the 2008 crash, according toRead More

Sunday July 9

The UK is easing into recession like an old man lowering himself into a hot bath

LONDON — Ever since the Brexit cliff failed to emerge, Leavers have been celebrating. The UK economy continued to grow afterRead More

Sunday July 9

A one-bed flat in Chelsea or an 8-bed Georgian mansion in Scotland: What £1m will buy you in London compared to the rest of the UK

Despite slowing house price growth in the nation’s capital, the average price of a home in London is a whoppingRead More

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